Friday, 17 May 2013

June Wishlist.

It's come to that time again, where it's nearly payday and i'm completely broke.
Where i spend most of my time window shopping and admiring all the things i just can't afford to buy!

I love looking on the internet for all the newest trends, and seeing what the celebrities are wearing.
When i first started working, i had my whole wage to myself.
But now i'm older, i've got bills board and car insurance to pay - which aint cheap!!
So now i can't really afford to be buying all these nice things :(

But here's a list of all the things i want to buy when i can afford them.

Nike Blazers

I LOVE these trainers, they're so simple but so funky!
I practically live in trainers or pumps as i'm on my feet most of the day, so i always choose comfortable shoes for work.
These would look so trendy with a pair of rolled up jeans like on the picture, or maybe a pretty skater dress.

River Island Air Freshener

I spilt petrol in my car recently, so my car's been smelling a bit strong lately, almost making me light headed haha!
This Air Freshener is so me!
I love leopard print and river island, so this is definitely on my list!
so cute! :)

Barry M Lip Gloss 

I saw this lipgloss on ASOS, and i fell in love with colour!
It's so vibrant, eyecatching and girly!
I love wearing gloss as it makes my lips look plumper and fuller.
Barry M is probably my favourite lipgloss as it's longlasting!

River Island Clutch Bag

This bag is from River Island, and as soon as i saw it, i thought i have to have it!
I'm attending a wedding in Newcastle in August and i've got a Black Bandeau dress, so i've got some Nude platforms, so this bag is the only thing missing.
The snakeprint makes it that little bit better too!

River Island Leopard Print Purse

Ok, so as you can tell by this post, River Island is my favourite shop!
But this purse i just amazing, leopard print is just my favourite desing - i love it!
This purse is soo pretty!
Will definitely be treating myself to this! :)

So that's my wishlist finished.
Whats on your wishlist this month?

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  1. Cute wishlist, I am also a big fun of RI x
    claudia xx


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