Sunday, 19 May 2013

Holiday Season.

One of the main things i look forward to throughout the year is my holiday!
No matter what, i ALWAYS try and have one booked.
I just love the feeling of having a break away and discovering a new country, culture and a way of life really.

Obviously as a girl, i find that the best thing about having a holiday booked, is of course the shopping!
I'll spend a good couple of months searching for dresses, sandals, sunglasses and bikinis!

Last year i went to Jamaica (Ocho Rios) for my holidays.
It was such a good holiday, loads to do and was really hot!

I've got a few pictures to sum my holiday up.

The weather when we got off the plane was horrible, apparantely we went in tropical rainstorm weather, so when we landed it was bouncing it down. It even started thundering which then set all the car alarms off round the resort ha!

This is our hotel that we stayed at called Sunset Jamaica Grande :)

We went out into the sea on some pedalos, and took this picture, was so fun!

This is the waterfall that me and my sister climbed calls Dunns River Falls. It was so fun, took about an hour though. There's slides on the way too, which have been made by parting rocks and water! We had a guide to help us up, which to be honest, he held my hand most of the way up as i was too scared of falling ha!

Everytime i look at this picture it makes me laugh, we were nearly at the top of the waterfall and my sister got washed under and her bikini top nearly come off (i was almost crying with laughter!)

I cringe everytime i look at this, how burnt and frazzled i am!
I must admit though, it was scorching weather, and as i'm a natural red head, my skin is so fair, so it doesn't take much for me to cook!

I'm off to turkey for 2 weeks in September for my birthday to Gumbet, and i can't wait! It's just me and my mum going for some quality time together as we both work, so never really get to do anything together anymore.
I'm so excited but i think i need to start shopping soon, as i don't have anything - argh! I hate leaving it until the last minute, because then i get stressed out i've left something lol.

Has anyone ever been to Turkey before?
Where are you all going on your holidays this year?


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