Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Payday Beauty Haul.

So on Friday, i finally got paid after what felt like forever.
I was at the point where i couldn't even buy myself a drink from coop i was that broke, so i'm quite happy now I've got pennies in the bank.

So on my way to work one day, i popped into tesco to have a look for some clothes.
Sadly, there was nothing i liked, so next stop - makeup aisle!

I was literally stood in the aisle for about 20 minutes just looking at all the pretty makeup i could buy, and it was even better that half of it was on offer.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream.
Maybelline used to be one of my favourite foundations, especially the Dream Matte Mousse, so when i saw this newish foundation, i snapped it up.
It also has SPF 30, so don't have to worry about my face burning when my sunshine comes out to play.
Sadly, the "dream" wasn't long lived.
It feels too thick when you put it on your face, so can make you feel quite caked, which makes me feel yukky!
Although once applied, it does give a nice even coverage, but i can safely say, I won't be buying this again.

Collection 2000 Naturally Matt Foundation.
This has got a nice silky feeling to it when applying, so makes your skin look really smooth and flawless.
It's also frangrance free, which i love, because i think most foundations stink.
The only bad thing about this is, i bought the shade "Ivory 1" - and even though this is the lightest one, it's farrrr too dark for my skin, so can only where it when i'm tanned.

Rimmel Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer.
Now as i have the "Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation" I thought it would be rude not to try this, and am i glad i did!
I absolutely love it - without a doubt one of the best concealers i've had.
It gives such a good coverage, that the dark circles under my eyes can no longer be seen,
or the spots around my face (hate being a teenager!)
It just makes me skin feel so much more clearer, so makes me feel better.
Will definitely be buying again. LOVE.

Vivo No Clumps Definition Mascara.
I really don't know what happens to my mascaras, whether the mascara fairy comes into my bedroom through the night and steals them, or my sister's just being annoying and stealing them.
I didn't even have a mascara for work, so thought i'd best buy one and keep this one safe!
This literally does what it say's, every day since i've worn it, there's NEVER been any clumps, so my eyelashes haven't been looking like spiders legs.
The brush has tiny little bristles which spreads the mascara out evenly.
Well done vivo!

Maybelline Face Powder.
Don't you just hate it, when you do all your foundation nice and evenly, but someone can see their reflection in your fore head.
I was fed up of the shiny effect i got, so i thought i'd treat myself to a new powder.
This probably isn't the best one i've ever had, but it works.
It also comes in a cute little compact case aswell, with a sponge and a mirror.

Vivo Lipstick.
I got this in the "tangtastic" shade, as i'm always buying red lipsticks, so thought i'd have a change.
I've fallen in love with this colour, haven't stopped wearing it.
The lipstick itself is so creamy and smooth, it's also been hydrating my lips.
It smells gorgeous too.
Bargain at £2!


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