Monday, 22 July 2013

New Found Confidence.

A few month ago i started Slimming World.
I was sick of being the big girl.
The girl that "let herself go"
The girl that can't pull tight clothes off.

A few years ago, my uncle died.
I didn't know who to turn to;
so i turned to food.
It was my "thing"

It helped me feel better in a time where i felt so low.
Took my minds off things.

Now I've got to come to terms with consequences.

It's awful being a big 19 year old.
I don't like to go out clubbing, as i feel like everyone's watching me.
I don't like clothes shopping, as nothing looks nice.

Then i turned a corner and found slimming world.
It's going to take time.
But i'll get there.

I've already lost a little bit of weight;
which has already made a huge difference.

I can wear dresses to the pub.
I'm also taking myself shopping on Thursday for some new clothes;
as mine are getting a little loose.


  1. This is such a lovely post Lauren! Thank you for the follow on my blog, I've followed you back. Looking forward to seeing more posts and good luck with your weight loss! xxxx

  2. I am so sorry about your uncle, but I am glad you are happy and making some awesome changes to better your health. Good luck with slimming world :)
    Would love if you checked out my blog and if you like it we could follow each other!



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