Thursday, 18 July 2013

Where have i been?

I'm really sorry i haven't posted in a while, but i've had a LOT going on at home.
So i've been trying to crack on with things the best way i can.

Aswell as work, dieting, and seeing friends, i've also been planning my holiday for next year, as i'm going travelling to Thailand for a few weeks, eeek!
I'm soooo excited.
My mum asked me if there was one thing in particular that i wanted to do, and straight away i said i wanted to go to the Elephant farm.
This is basically a once on a lifetime experience, where you literally babysit an elephant for a day!
I'm also wanted to go to the famous "full moon party" and there's also a 3 day waterfight whilst we're there which is a ritual in Thailand which they use to wash away your sins.

What have you bloggers been up to recently?

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