Thursday, 18 July 2013

Decorative Dressing Tables.

I seem to have this sort of obsession with interior design and furniture.
I could spend hours just looking through catalogues, and show rooms wishing my bedroom looked like all of them.
I have a ball at Ikea!

When my moved houses, i was excited as this meant that i was going to have a bigger bedroom, as my old bedroom was tiny!
But in this bedroom, i'm actually able to fit a dressing table in which i'm pretty excited about.
It's due to be delivered tomorrow, so i've been busy sorting all my makeup and hair accessories out, ready to put into my new furniture - eeeeeek!
I wish i could re decorate my bedroom every month as i'm always finding new ideas.

It's so easy to make your bedroom pretty.
With a list of things such as:

Candles are so girly and feminine, and are an easy way to add a classy touch to any bedroom.
They never really get lit, as i get freaked out about fires ha, so they're merely just for decorationg.
I've got some gorgeous tealight candle holders from Argos, which are heart shaped and i LOVE them.

My bedroom lights never really on, as it's a bit too bright and hurts my eye, so i'm forever using my lamp.
They add such a relaxing atmosphere to your bedroom.
I love having a bath, then putting my lamp on and reading a good book in bed.

I always have loads of pillows & cushions on my bed to make it super comfy.
My beds currently got some gold and cream puffy ones atm, which are sooo soft it's unreal.

Photo Frames
My best friend has a little boy, so i've got loads of pictures of him around my bedroom, as he is the cutest little boy i've ever seen.
They add that personal touch to your bedroom, and make it more homely.


  1. I agree, I love a pretty cosy room and all those things help a lot ! :)

    llh x

  2. Lovely posts!
    Follow back my blog?

  3. hiyya! I saw in your profile that your from leeds... Im moving there this year for university! I am soooo excited at the amount of shops I am going to have around me when I move.. eeeek... I will be skint! really like your blog lauren, I am following your blog now and I hope you will check out my blog too and perhaps follow me back! :) xx

  4. You'll love it Eleanor, we've just got a brand new indoor shopping centre - AMAZING!
    We've got louis vuitton, harvey nichols, victorias secrets openinig in a few weeks which is obviously the high end, but there's nearly EVERY shop you could ever want!
    I love it


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