Friday, 14 June 2013

What's in my bag?

I LOVE reading these blogs as I'm so nosey.
Is a good idea to get to know people and see what they class as necessities, so I thought I'd be a copycat so you can get to know me aswell.

I'm so in love with this bag, I got it whilst I was studying hairdressing at college last year, and have used it ever since.
Now those of you who know me, know that I have a bag obsession so that's quite a big deal!!

Slimming world book - I take this everywhere with me, so I know how many suns are in my food, and if my meals good for me, as I'm really trying to lose weight.

Claireabella Diary - I treated myself to this diary, as I ordered one each for my sisters for the Christmas just gone, so thought it'd be a good opportunity for me to get one. I use this to write my work shifts and my outgoings in. Love it!

iPod - This hasn't left my side since I got it a few years back, it literally comes everywhere with me. I've recently got an FM transmitter so that I can play all my iPod songs in my car, which I'm excited to use!

River Island Leather Bow Purse - I saw this purse on sale when I went shopping with my friend. It was on sale so thought I'd snap it up. I think it was £12.

River Island Phone Case - My friend got me this for Christmas as a surprise, as she knows how much I love the shop, and I'd just got my phone so it was a great time for it, as it saves my phone from being scratched.

Deodorant & Vanilla Impulse - Don't think I need to explain why I've got deodorant ha. My friend trials body sprays out so she's always bringing Impulse into work for me to test. Vanilla is my favourite by far.

I don't really have a lot in my bag because I start panicking when I find stuff.

What's in your bag bloggers?

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Concealer suggestions.

I suffer from really bad dry skin, so in summer, my skin doesn't half take a hammering with the sun.
Even when I use SPF foundation.

But recently I've started to come out in a lot of spots, on my chin and fore head.
So seen as I've never had this problem before, I never really bought a decent concealer.
But I guess the time has come.

Would any of you lovely bloggers be able to suggest a good value concealer that will help with my skin troubles?

Interior Bedrooms!

Now if there's one thing i love, it's designing rooms. We've recently moved house so i was so excited to put my ideas to work and decorate the new house.
I've always loved interior, i'm thinking about going to college to study it but i don't think i want to rush into it just yet.
I took a picture of my old bedroom & my new bedroom to show you just how different my ideas are, and which works best.

My old bedroom.

I was 16 when i decorated this bedroom, so the colours were perfect then.
I loved how the pink really brought the boldness of the black out and i think this bedroom was really girly & feminine at first.
Just before we moved though, i started to get annoyed by the bedroom as there was too much going on in it, so you never really felt relaxed.
Another thing was, because it was black, there was no real natural light, so i'd be sat on my bedroom floor doing my foundation & bronzer, and it would look gorgeous, then i'd go into natural light looking like one of willy wonkas umpa lumpas lol!

New bedroom.

i LOVE this bedroom.
One day me and my mum decided to take ourselves to b&q after work to have a look at the wallpapers, and i fell in love with this one instantly!
I've always wanted my bedroom to be gold and cream, as i think it looks really classy and feminine.
I teamed this look with a little bit of black to split the colours up.
It's so much easier doing my makeup in this bedroom as it's bright and natural light so i know my face isn't going to look like a satsuma!

Which bedroom do you prefer bloggers?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Barry M Nail Varnish Haul

I've always had a thing for Barry M Nail Varnishes.
They're just such gorgeous colours, so vibrant and funky.
So when i popped into Superdrug to buy some Dry Shampoo & Nail polish remover and saw these little beautys on offer for 3 for 2, i just couldn't ignore it!

Lychee Gelly:
This colour is GORGEOUS and i'm wearing it as i write this blog. It's such a classy, smooth gentle colour that goes with any outfit.
It's a really pale beige colour, which if you had a tan would look amazing!
I tend to wear a lot of creams an oranges so this was my favourite nail polish out of them all.

This shade is really dark but subtle. I find it has sort of a navy blue effect in it aswell, but maybe that's just me.
This would look so pretty with some silver nail varnish on some other fingers.
Very classy!

Peach Melba:
Amazing colour, really pale orange so it's not so in your face to have it on every finger.
I had these on my toes and i teamed it with the Textured Effect Station Road to create that pastel summer look when wearing sandals.

Textured Effect Station Road:
Now this nail varnish is a fabulous colour, but is special in another way as it's textured!
It has bits of glitter in it, which make it even more girly, but also has a sandy feeling to it which makes it look beautiful!
You only need 1 or 2 coats as well to get the true effect of it.

Blueberry Gelly:
This gelly effect nail polish definitely brings out the true shine on your nails.
After a few coats, you could probably see your reflection in it it's that shiny and i fell in love with it the first time i wore it.
It's a really pastely/bright blue which will go with near enough every colour.

Limited Edition Lime Green:
To be fair, the picture really didn't do this nail polish any justice as it looks a muggy green but believe me it's not!
It's really bright and vibrant.
I teamed it with a hot pink nail varnish for work and my colleagues said my fingers reminded them of watermelons!
Goal achieved! ;) 

All in all, i give these Nail Varnishes 10/10 because they never fail to give my nails that glam makeover they really need.
Well done Barry M!


19 Things About A 19 Year Old.

I've seen this type of post on a lot of Blogs and i think they're really interesting and are a quick way to get to know people, so i thought why not give it a go?

1. I'm a natural red head.
2. I won Hula Hoop champion in year 6 at primary school.
3. I can say the alphabet backwards in french.
4. My favourite shop ever is River Island.
5. Green mile is my all time favourite film!
6. I love cold spaghetti hoops for breakfast.
7. I'm a qualified Hairdresser.
8. My dream job is to be a solicitor or something to do with law.
9. I drive a Ford Fiesta, but saving to buy a Citroes DS3.
10. Took me 2 years to pass my driving test (haha!)
11. I've visited Bob Marleys house.
12. I have an addiction of painting nails!
13. I prefer converse to sandals anyday.
14. I love to have a girls night in than go out into town.
15. My best friends mean the world to me.
16. I have a 7 month old godson.
17. I've seen the Pyramids twice.
18. I love interior design!
19. I've only got 3 months left of being a 19 year old :((