Thursday, 25 April 2013

Lipstick Review.

As i put in my previous blog, i didn't want to write too much about this one as i think it deserves it's whole own review.
I picked up this lipstick as a joke to my friend, laughing at how bright it was, and how cartoony the colour was, but after trying it one i had to have it.
The colour is like an illuminous pink, and is a beautiful colour!
It's really soft to put on your lips, and moisturises you lips at the same time.
I love the packaging for this, as it's so girly & fun, and just brightens up your bag when you take it out.
The actual lipstick also has glitter in it, to give your lips that extra bit of sparkle!
All in all, this product is amazing!

Here is a picture of it on, with a layer of lipgloss to emphasise the colour.

It really does give your lips the whole 'wow' factor & i will definitely be buying it again when i run out.
I got shade #030 this time, but i can't wait to buy myself a new colour.
Maybe red, or a plum colour?
I may even treat myself to a few more daring colours ;)

What's your favourite lipstick?


My Favourite Beauty Bits.

                 Everyone has a few bits I'm their make up bag that they love.
Whether they're your favourite day make up pieces, or your favourite night time make up.
Now as I don't really go into town a lot, as I've got stuff to pay for now, I like to keep my makeup discreet yet effective.
Although, I'll admit it, I do love a good lipstick ;)

Here's a picture of all my best bits!

1. Vivo liquid eyeliner - I love this eyeliner, it's from the Vivo collection at tescos. 
The nib is like a fineliner, so it makes putting your eyeliner on so simple, as you can get a straight line so easy, with minimal effort!

2. Collection 2000 Ultimate Fix Concealer. -  This is probably one of the best Concealers i've had. Normally they dry my skin out and stick on my face like clay, but this one is so smooth & creamy that it glides on and you can't even tell.

I love the subtleness of it, as i have bad skin around my chin and this just covers it up as if it's not even there.
I'm not sure how much this was, as i've had it a while, which is another point. It lasts AGES!

3. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation. - This foundation is an absolute miracle worker. I said in one of my other blogs that i don't really use the same Foundation more than once, as i like to experiment, but i will definitely be using this one again!

I got the shade "Light Porcelain" as i have fair skin, and it honestly does blend it to match your skin tone. It's so creamy, that you don't really need a lot.
It also has SPF 18, to protect your skin on them really sunny days.

4. Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Powder. - The truth is in the name, this powder lasts ages, as just a few little brushes does the job perfectly.

As you girls know, there's nothing worse than putting your foundation on, and then being shiny, especially in photos!
This powder makes your skin feel like velvet, and instantly gets rid of them shiny patches.
It lasts up to 5 hours before you need to reapply.
Easily one of the best powders I've had.

5. Maybelline Pink Lollipop Color Sensation Lipstick. - I'll definitely be doing a review on this soon, so not going to write about this one! ;)

6. Collection 2000 Moisturising Lip Cream. - The texture of this lip cream, is amazing. It makes your lips feel so soft and smooth, it's like a miracle.

I picked this up, as when i started college, i liked to have my makeup always done as i was Hairdressing, and in that industry, looks are important.
I got so many compliments wearing this, i loved it.
I thought i'd lost it at college, and i was absolutely devastated!

7. Vivo VOLUME Waterproof Mascara. - My eyelashes look amazing after I've used this. They look really long, but not like spider legs, and they're not stuck together.

The bristles are really thin, which helps to spread it out so your eyes aren't clumpy.
It's waterproof, so i normally wear it for weddings, or night outs. Definitely a must have.

8. Rimmel Soft Khol Eyeliner Pencil - I don't really wear eyeliner a lot, as i think it makes my eyes look a bit OTT, but when i do, this makes it worth while.

It's so soft to put on, it's almost like cream.
I also have this in like a brown/mahogany colour, for when i want nude themed eyes.

9. Rimmel Vinyl Gloss Lip Gloss. - Ok, so i didn't really realise how much i loved Rimmel, until i read this post haha.

But this lipgloss is like no other, it doesn't have that tacky, gloopy feeling like most lip gloss do.
It's so thin, it's like applying a fine liquid, rather than a wallpaper paste feel.
It has just the right amount of shine to it.
It looks lovely coated over a nice lip stick. 
This is always put in my bag when i'm going on a night out.

So there you go bloggers, there's my favourite bits.

What are your favourites, or must haves?
Any tips for me? :)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My New Car!

Do you ever get so excited about something you feel like a little child at Christmas?
You're counting don the days until it happens?

Well I've been like this for the last two weeks, because on Thursday ill finally be able to drive my car!! Hooray!
I'm so excited to be able to drive wherever I like, whenever I like.
Not have to worry about how I'm going to get somewhere.

I started my lessons just after my 18th birthday, over a year & a half ago!
But it was only on the 9th January this year that I passed my test and was granted a pink driving licence.
It has to be said, it was one of the proudest moments of my life.
Especially telling my mum, as she started crying. She never cries!

My mums partner bought me my car, as a little well done present.
I love it, it's so clean and a cute little run around.

He's called Jack as he's dark blue, but has pink accessories inside.
Just like Jack Wills colours! :)

So what have you bloggers got to look forward to?
Birthdays, weddings, payday haha?


Monday, 22 April 2013

Shop until you drop!

As a girl, one of my main duties is to shop until I drop.
Now I don't know about you ladies, but I can window shop on the Internet until my brain hurts, or until I get insanely jealous.
I always find myself on River Island, ASOS, Topshop & Boohoo, just admiring all the beautiful clothes and seeing what the latest trends are.

I've composed a wishlist of stuff I'm hoping to buy.

For those of you who don't know me, I am obsessed with River Island bags.
I must have a collection of about 7 bags & 5 purses.
I love the simpleness of this bag, as its classy but still chic at the same time.
I think this bag is about £40, but the quality of the bags make it worth every penny.

As soon as I saw this dress, I fell In love.
I'm not normally a dress person but I just find the colour of this dress so summery & gorgeous!
I've started my holiday shopping as I'm going to Turkey for 2 weeks in September and this dress is definitely on the top of my wishlist.
This dress is also from River Island & is £32 - Bargain!

I love my eyeliner, although i only really wear it when i'm going out as i think it makes my eyes look a bit too "done up" for work.
I had this eyeliner before & it is amazing!
Because of the nib on it, you can make your eyeliner line look perfectly straight
I can't remember how much exactly this eyeliner was, but i think it's around £5 from Asos.

Now there's obviouly a lot more that i want, but these are the ones at the top of my list.
What's on the top of your payday list?

Happy reading :)

When I Was A Kid.

Do you ever feel like you wish you were a kid again?
Where the only thing you had to worry about was what colour crayon to use next?
I wasted most of my childhood wishing i was an adult & could do all the adult things, but because i didn't know any better, i didn't realise the responsibility behind it.

I loved being a child, playing curby with my friends outside until the street lights came on.
Running up the street asif there's no tomorrow to get £1 for the ice cream van.
Waking up and having Nickelodeon on all day long.
What i'd do to go back to them days! 

Since the day i left school, i realised what i was in for.
I started my job as a Waitress in a childrens play centre 2 days after i left school.
While everyone got a 3 month break before college, i worked every shift i could get to save money.

Now i'm old enough and paying my own way, it's made me realise how much i should have appreciated being a child.

I remember when i drew the teletubbies on front of my house in crayons, and when my mum found out, i just started crying and got away with it haha!
Don't think that would work now do you? ;)

What were your favourite things about being a child &
What was the naughtiest thing you ever did as child?

Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Peek Inside My Makeup Bag.

So whats in my Make Up bag today then?
I though i'd write this blog because a lot of people seem to be doing them, and there's nothing better than snooping around at someones makeup (well not for me anyway ;] )
Just like any other make up loving girl, my makeup bag is full to the brim with make up of all different brands, from vivo, to rimmel, to max factor.
I LOVE spending my money on foundations & bronzers.
It's so therapeutic trying them all out, seeing which one really compliments your skin tone and makes you look glowing!

Here's a picture of my makeup, for all you bloggers to have a little nosey at.

I adore this makeup bag, my mum got me it for christmas, it's by ted baker & it's so pretty! 

I like to experiment with Foundations so i very rarely buy the same one again.
I'd have to say that out of them all, the "Rimmel Match Perfection" is probably my favourite one, as it glides on so smooth and makes your skin looks so silky.
I'll probably do a review of it in the near future anyway :-)
Hope you enjoyed reading

Summer Hair.

There's no better feeling than having nice hair in the summer.
I'm always wanting to change my hair, whether its the style, colour, straight or curly?
If my hair doesn't go right, it automatically affects my mood and can suddenly put a downer on the night. 😞
A girls hair is one of the major parts of an outfit, this can put a classy edge on to such a simple outfit, like a little black dress for example.
But the question I want to ask you bloggers today is which colour shall I have my hair this summer? 🌞

Here's a throwback picture to help you decide:

The picture on the left is me last year with an "ash blonde" colour. I LOVED this colour as it was really light and summery and just gave my hair that little bit of glam that it needed.

Whereas the picture on the right, is of me with a really "mahogany" red colour. I also liked this colour because even though it was so simple, my hair looked like it was really fresh and neat.
The other good thing about this colour is that it doesn't really need colouring as much as the blonde, as all girls know, there's nothing worse than black roots.

So then bloggers, which colour do you prefer?

My First Blog.

Well seen as this is my first blog, thought I'd introduce myself, as that's normally a good start lol.

My names Lauren and I'm from Leeds.
I work as a waitress & hosting kids parties, it's quite fun but can sometimes can be stressful too.
I thought I'd make this blog as I was looking through some people's and thought it looked like a good way to express myself.
Here are a few random facts about me:
1. I can say the alphabet backwards.
2. I once broke my leg in two places running down a waterside ha!
3. I can dislocate my thumb & put it back in myself. (Gross I know!)

I don't know what this blog will be about, whether its reviews, ask opinions on something or just to update people on what I've been up to.
I've only just started this, so I know it looks a bit rubbish for now, but I'll try to make it look better soon lol.
That's all for now