Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Peek Inside My Makeup Bag.

So whats in my Make Up bag today then?
I though i'd write this blog because a lot of people seem to be doing them, and there's nothing better than snooping around at someones makeup (well not for me anyway ;] )
Just like any other make up loving girl, my makeup bag is full to the brim with make up of all different brands, from vivo, to rimmel, to max factor.
I LOVE spending my money on foundations & bronzers.
It's so therapeutic trying them all out, seeing which one really compliments your skin tone and makes you look glowing!

Here's a picture of my makeup, for all you bloggers to have a little nosey at.

I adore this makeup bag, my mum got me it for christmas, it's by ted baker & it's so pretty! 

I like to experiment with Foundations so i very rarely buy the same one again.
I'd have to say that out of them all, the "Rimmel Match Perfection" is probably my favourite one, as it glides on so smooth and makes your skin looks so silky.
I'll probably do a review of it in the near future anyway :-)
Hope you enjoyed reading


  1. Really cute post! I love being nosey haha!! Love your make up bag too i want one so bad!!!! :) looking forward to reading more posts!! XxX

  2. Thank you!! :)
    It was £29 on Asos - bargain!!!


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