Saturday, 20 April 2013

Summer Hair.

There's no better feeling than having nice hair in the summer.
I'm always wanting to change my hair, whether its the style, colour, straight or curly?
If my hair doesn't go right, it automatically affects my mood and can suddenly put a downer on the night. 😞
A girls hair is one of the major parts of an outfit, this can put a classy edge on to such a simple outfit, like a little black dress for example.
But the question I want to ask you bloggers today is which colour shall I have my hair this summer? 🌞

Here's a throwback picture to help you decide:

The picture on the left is me last year with an "ash blonde" colour. I LOVED this colour as it was really light and summery and just gave my hair that little bit of glam that it needed.

Whereas the picture on the right, is of me with a really "mahogany" red colour. I also liked this colour because even though it was so simple, my hair looked like it was really fresh and neat.
The other good thing about this colour is that it doesn't really need colouring as much as the blonde, as all girls know, there's nothing worse than black roots.

So then bloggers, which colour do you prefer?

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